Currently looking for a Christian hunting/fishing nonprofit to partner with. Please shoot us an email with any recommendation

Bare Hands Bear Fruit

BHBF works with villages in Guatemala in need and decides, with them what they need. By purchasing a product from the  Guate collection, you will be supporting projects in Guatemala. 

*Live Hooked will donate at least 15% of profit from the Guate Collection to Bare Hands Bear Fruit

2019 Ministry Partner

Epic Beauty exists to champion the  purpose and value of women everywhere. Their core ministry is to carry a bright light of hope into the adult entertainment industry, to homeless women living on the street, and to incarcerated women and girls. 

Since 2010, Epic Beauty has connected with literally thousands of women over the years who have experienced abuse of some kind. Their message is always about the  redeeming hope of Jesus Christ, and the  purpose and value He places on each of us.

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