Co-founder Barbara Jean Shirley has had the eye-opening and life-changing opportunity to spend some time in several cities in Guatemala doing mission work. Barbara Jean’s first mission trip to Guatemala was in 2015. She says that within minutes, she fell in love with the people and the country as she worked among them. She saw first hand the daily challenges that these people face to survive. Barbara Jean is excited to announce that Live Hooked will be partnering with Bare Hands Bear Fruit, the nonprofit that she has had the honor to volunteer with for the past several years.  BHBF works with villages in Guatemala in need and decides, with them what they need. Live Hooked is honored to ensure that we will be giving back financially to supporting missionaries/organizations who desire not only to “give a man a fish,” but rather to “teach a man to fish”. By purchasing a product from the  Guate collection, you will be supporting projects in Guatemala. Stay tuned to find out more about the  projects

The Guate collection was started to provide sustainable fashion while helping artisans and their families. All of our Guate products are exclusively produced in Guatemala. Our bags are handmade from huipils, which is the traditional Mayan blouse worn by women. We pride ourselves in handpicking each huipil and leather to create a durable, one of a kind piece. At Live Hooked, we want to invest in people, create work opportunities where work is scarce, and to help provide them with a steady income. 

The art of hand weaving for huipils is an important part of the  Guatemalan culture. The threads used for weaving are naturally dyed using local plants and seeds. Each huipil generally takes six to nine months to complete. Mayan villages in Guatemala has its distinctive weaving pattern and design, making it easier to determine a women’s home village. Each artisan, however, adds their personality to the textile through colors, designs, and patterns, making each huipil unique. 

*Live Hooked will donate at least 15% of profit from the Guate Collection to Bare Hands Bear Fruit

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